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Strong Bad
S1 strong bad.png
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 1980s
Hometown Free Country, USA
Occupation Internet personality

Phillip Land

Tribes ██ Serat Serat
██ Herbert Allen
Placement 2nd Runner-Up (3/18)
Alliances Serat Serat Alliance
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 39

Strong Bad is a contestant from Survivor: Phillip Land.

Strong Bad was placed on the original Serat Serat tribe where he became close allies with tribemate Mike Malin. Eventually the two would have the most control in the tribe. After the dissolution of Grubs, the two still maintained a tight grip on the tribe. Once merge came along, Strong Bad and Mike's friendship began to deteriorate as the two were worried about each other's integrity. Once Mike began joining the Bonan Alliance in eliminating the former Grubs members, Strong Bad was left to defend for himself. He was eventually dragged to the final three as someone Claude Frollo and Shinzo Abe could defeat. The plan worked as Strong Bad received no votes to win because of his lack of strategy and overall sarcastic personality.

Survivor: Phillip Land[]

Voting History[]

Strong Bad's Voting History
Episode Strong Bad's
Voted Against
Strong Bad
1 Serat Serat Tribe Immune
2 Sheryl Sheryl
3 Serat Serat Tribe Immune
4 Serat Serat Tribe Immune
5 Duchess;
6 Lindsay;
7 Dan;
Dan, Jon;
8 Ian Individual Immunity
9 Shinzo -
10 Zelda -
11 Shinzo -
12 Shinzo -
13 Zelda;
14 Zelda;
15 Shinzo Zelda
Jury Votes
for Strong Bad
2nd Runner-Up, Day 39


  • Strong Bad is the highest-ranking Serat Serat member.
  • Strong Bad is the first finalist to receive no jury votes to win.
  • Strong Bad is the only original Serat Serat member to win individual immunity.
  • In Survivor: Phillip Land, Strong Bad holds the record for the most times someone had voted for the same person, having voted for Shinzo Abe and Princess Zelda four times in one season.
  • Strong Bad has voted in minority a total of nine consecutive times, a series record.
  • Strong Bad was the first contestant to win individual immunity in Survivor: Competitive Bash.