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Sheryl Braxton
S1 sheryl.png
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 1958 (age 55)
Hometown Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Occupation Realtor

Phillip Land

Tribes ██ Serat Serat
Placement 17/18
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 6

Sheryl Braxton is a contestant from Survivor: Phillip Land.

While on the Serat Serat tribe, she bonded well with her other tribemates. Her and Mike Malin had become rather good allies over the course of her stay. Contrary to the tribe's initial beliefs, she performed surprisingly well in the first challenge which helped Serat Serat win their first immunity. While she might have stayed longer because of this, she was plagued with homesickness after the immunity challenge. Fearing that her performance in challenges will be hindered, the Serat Serat Alliance considered getting her out next, albeit Mike was hesitant. Prior to Serat Serat's first tribal council, she had asked the tribe to vote her out so she could return home. She got her wish at tribal council and was voted out 4-1-1, with Mike throwing his vote.

Survivor: Phillip Land[]

Voting History[]

Sheryl's Voting History
Episode Sheryl's
Voted Against
1 Serat Serat Tribe Immune
2 Strong Bad Dan, Duchess, Lindsay,
Strong Bad
Voted Off, Day 6


  • Sheryl was the oldest female in Survivor: Phillip Land.
  • Sheryl was the first person to be voted out but not be involved in a tied vote.