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Serat Serat
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Tribe Profile
Season Phillip Land
Namesake Name created by the tribe having no real meaning
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Bonan
██ Grubs
Tribe Status Merged with Bonan on
Day 17
Challenge Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member Sheryl Braxton (17/18)
Highest Placing Member Strong Bad (2nd Runner-Up)

Serat Serat was one of the three original tribes from Survivor: Phillip Land. The tribe color was red.


S1 dan t.pngS1 duchess t.pngS1 lindsay t.png
S1 mike t.pngS1 sheryl t.pngS1 strong bad t.png
  • Dan Avidan, a songwriter from the United States.
  • Duchess, an imaginary friend from the United States.
  • Lindsay Lohan, an actor and model from the United States.
  • Mike Malin, an actor and reality star from the United States.
  • Sheryl Braxton, a mother and Realtor from the United States.
  • Strong Bad, an internet personality from the United States.

Post-Grubs Dissolve[]

S1 dan t.pngS1 duchess t.pngS1 hurricane t.png
S1 jon t.pngS1 lindsay t.pngS1 mike t.pngS1 strong bad t.png

On Day 11, Serat Serat absorbed two of the four members remaining from the Grubs tribe.


  • Serat Serat was the first red tribe in Survivor: Competitive Bash.
  • Serat Serat was tied with Bonan for most challenge wins with six.
  • Serat Serat has attended tribal council a total of four times, the most in Survivor: Phillip Land.
  • Serat Serat had the most tied votes of any tribe, including Herbert Allen, with three.
  • Serat Serat was the only tribe in its season to have only one member, Mike Malin, on the jury.
    • He and Strong Bad were the only two Serat Serat members to make it to merge.