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Princess Zelda
S1 zelda.jpg
Contestant Profile
Birth Date Unknown (age presumably late adolescence or early 20s)
Hometown Castle Town, Hyrule
Occupation Princess

Phillip Land

Tribes ██ Bonan
██ Herbert Allen
Placement 4/18
Alliances Bonan Alliance
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 38

Princess Zelda, commonly referred to without her title as Zelda, is a contestant on Survivor: Phillip Land.

During her time on the Bonan tribe, she was a strong contributor in challenges and around camp and was an important figure in the Bonan Alliance. She was largely responsible for planning the blindside of post-dissolve members Ian Terry and Frank Eudy before eventually laying under the radar. Her social game and loyalty to the alliance got her to final four where she was blindsided by Claude Frollo and former alliance member Shinzo Abe, deeming her as the biggest threat to them winning.

Survivor: Phillip Land[]

Voting History[]

Zelda's Voting History
Episode Zelda's
Voted Against
1 Bonan Tribe Immune
2 Bonan Tribe Immune
3 Bonan Tribe Immune
4 Amanda Frollo
5 Bonan Tribe Immune
6 Bonan Tribe Immune
7 Bonan Tribe Immune
8 Ian -
9 Frank -
10 Jon Hurricane, Jon, Strong Bad
11 Hurricane -
12 Fegelein Individual Immunity
13 Mike;
Mike, Strong Bad;
Strong Bad
14 Shinzo;
Strong Bad
15 Strong Bad Frollo, Shinzo
Voted Off, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor