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Michael Stevens
S2 michael.jpg
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 23, 1986 (age 28)
Hometown Stilwell, Kansas, United States
Occupation Internet personality

Grassy Knoll

Tribes ██ Belongatrasha
██ Predicate Clause
Placement 5/18
Alliances Belongatrasha Three
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted 37

Japan — All-Stars

Tribes ██ Hontoni
██ X
Placement 4/20
Alliances Hontoni Alliance
Challenges Won 12
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 38

Michael Stevens is a contestant from Survivor: Grassy Knoll and Survivor: Japan — All-Stars.

During Grassy Knoll, Michael's knowledge of the location, social ability, and strategic prowess helped progress him further to the end. Michael kept his trust to his alliance and whenever he had to make a big move against one of his own members, even if they left his alliance, he would be reluctant to vote them out. Michael's game in Grassy Knoll ended on Day 37 when the other four thought Michael would be too hard to beat in the finals. He returned for Japan — All-Stars and was placed on the Hontonti tribe where he was a member of the Hontoni Alliance. Michael pulled off the same game as before which helped him get to the finale. Michael was voted out on Day 38 on similar conditions as his previous season.

Survivor: Grassy Knoll[]

Voting History[]

Michael's Voting History
Episode Michael's
Voted Against
1 Barbara -
Elizabeth -
2 Belongatrasha Tribe Immune
3 Belongatrasha Tribe Immune
4 Katie -
5 Belongatrasha Tribe Immune
6 No Tribal Council
Jared -
7 Belongatrasha Tribe Immune
8 Liliya;
9 Homestar Individual Immunity
10 Kris -
11 Homestar Individual Immunity
12 Homestar;
Homestar, Rolf;
Bill, Ellen, Rolf
Voted Off, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Japan — All-Stars[]

Voting History[]

Statistics of Michael Stevens
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 75
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 14
Individual wins 5
Total 19
Tribal Council
Total votes received 6
Exile Island
Times exiled 1
Dullset Island
Duels won N/A
Michael's Voting History
Episode Michael's
Voted Against
1 Laura Mitt
2 Hontoni Tribe Immune
3 Harmony -
4 Hontoni Tribe Immune
Hontoni Tribe Immune
5 Hontoni Tribe Immune
6 Shogai Tribe Immune
7 Shogai Tribe Immune
8 Nancy -
9 Bill -
10 Alex Individual Immunity
11 Loafers Individual Immunity
12 Coco;
Daphne -
13 Frank Frank
14 Coco;
Kneesocks Coco, Daphne
Voted Off, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Michael was one of the four people in Survivor: Grassy Knoll to never switch tribes until merge. Loafers Dearest stayed on Belongatrasha while Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Liliya stayed on Chimeroo.
    • In both his seasons, Michael has always been on a tribe with Loafers.
  • Having only received six votes during both his seasons, Michael has the least amount of votes for a returning contestant in all their seasons combined.
  • Michael was the only contestant in Survivor: Japan — All-Stars to win individual immunity back-to-back.
  • Michael lasted the longer than any returning player from Survivor: Grassy Knoll during Japan — All-Stars.
  • Michael was the highest ranking member of the Belongatrasha Three.
  • Michael is tied with Rolf Klink for most individual immunity wins in Grassy Knoll with two.