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Hermann Fegelein
S1 fegelein.png
Contestant Profile
Birth Date October 30, 1906
Died April 28, 1945 (age 38)
Hometown Berlin, Germany
Occupation General

Phillip Land

Tribes ██ Bonan
██ Herbert Allen
Placement 7/18
Alliances Bonan Alliance
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 30

Hermann Fegelein, better known by his last name Fegelein, is a contestant on Survivor: Phillip Land.

While on the Bonan tribe, he was a member of the Bonan Alliance, alongside Shinzo Abe, Kneesocks Demon, and Princess Zelda. He was the most physically fit member of the alliance and helped the tribe win numerous challenges prior to merge. When the alliance made it to merge, he kept his loyalty to the group. However, after The Hurricane's vote out on Day 27, he began to contemplate his position in the alliance and its all-powerful control in the game. He ultimately left the alliance shortly thereafter. After he wanted to work with Claude Frollo, the only other Bonan member not in the alliance, this caught the attention of the alliance members as they blindsided Fegelein on Day 30 in a 3-2-2 vote.

Survivor: Phillip Land[]

Voting History[]

Fegelein's Voting History
Episode Fegelein's
Voted Against
1 Bonan Tribe Immune
2 Bonan Tribe Immune
3 Bonan Tribe Immune
4 Amanda -
5 Bonan Tribe Immune
6 Bonan Tribe Immune
7 Bonan Tribe Immune
8 Ian -
9 Frank Individual Immunity
10 Jon -
11 Hurricane Individual Immunity
12 Mike Kneesocks, Shinzo, Zelda
Voted Off, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Fegelein was the first member of the Bonan tribe to be voted out at merge.
  • Fegelein is the lowest placing member of the Bonan Alliance.
  • The only time Fegelein received votes was on Day 30, the day he was voted out.
  • Fegelein has won the most individual immunity challenges out of the Bonan Alliance members.
  • Having lasted 30 days without receiving a vote, Fegelein was the last contestant in Survivor: Phillip Land to receive a vote.