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Dan Avidan
S1 dan.png
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 1981 (age 32)
Hometown United States
Occupation Songwriter

Phillip Land

Tribes ██ Serat Serat
Placement 12/18
Alliances Serat Serat Alliance
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 16

Leigh Avidan, better known by his nickname Dan or Danny or by his stage name Danny Sexbang, is a contestant from Survivor: Phillip Land.

Placed on the Serat Serat tribe on the first day, he fell into the Serat Serat Alliance alongside Mike Malin and Strong Bad. Together, the three held control of the tribe, especially after The Hurricane and Jon Jafari entering the tribe. Despite the fact the alliance was in control of the tribe, Dan felt that he had almost no position within the alliance. Prior to the seventh tribal council, Dan talked to Jon and The Hurricane in hopes that he could get either Mike or Strong Bad out. The latter two found out about Dan's renege and voted against him at tribal council. Dan had anticipated Jon and The Hurricane voting alongside him, but The Hurricane threw her vote, forcing the tribe in a tied vote with Dan involved. Dan would be voted out on the revote 3-0.

Survivor: Phillip Land[]

Voting History[]

Dan's Voting History
Episode Dan's
Voted Against
1 Serat Serat Tribe Immune
2 Sheryl Mike
3 Serat Serat Tribe Immune
4 Serat Serat Tribe Immune
5 Duchess;
6 Lindsay;
7 Strong Bad;
Mike, Strong Bad;
Hurricane, Jon, Mike
Voted Off, Day 16