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Claude Frollo
S1 frollo.jpg
Contestant Profile
Birth Date Unknown
Died 1996 (age presumably 70s or 80s)
Hometown Paris, France
Occupation Judge

Phillip Land

Tribes ██ Bonan
██ Herbert Allen
Placement Runner-Up (2/18)
Alliances Bonan Alliance (affiliated)
Challenges Won 14
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted 39

Judge Claude Frollo, more known by his last name Frollo, is the runner-up of Survivor: Phillip Land.

On Day 1, he was placed on the Bonan tribe. Rather quickly, he and Amanda Zuckerman were immediately shunned by the dominant Bonan Alliance. His tribe succeeded in challenges which led to him merging. He then became associated with the alliance, fearing that he would be a target otherwise. Deep in the merge, he became a target by the alliance for his wavering commitment. However, he went on an immunity streak that took him to the very end. He was unable to sway the jury in his favor as they believed he didn't do much to further his game strategically. He only received the votes of Mike Malin and Princess Zelda and finished in second place.

Survivor: Phillip Land[]

Voting History[]

Frollo's Voting History
Episode Frollo's
Voted Against
1 Bonan Tribe Immune
2 Bonan Tribe Immune
3 Bonan Tribe Immune
4 Zelda -
5 Bonan Tribe Immune
6 Bonan Tribe Immune
7 Bonan Tribe Immune
8 Ian -
9 Frank Hurricane, Jon
10 Jon -
11 Hurricane -
12 Mike -
13 Kneesocks;
Individual Immunity
14 Kneesocks;
Individual Immunity
15 Zelda Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Frollo
Mike, Zelda
Runner-Up, Day 39


  • Frollo is the first runner-up in Survivor: Competitive Bash.
  • Frollo had won the most competitions in Survivor: Phillip Land with 14 wins.
  • Out of the three finalists in his season, Frollo had the least amount of votes with two; Strong Bad had five and Shinzo Abe had 10.
  • Frollo currently holds the record for most individual immunity challenges won in a row with three.
    • He also holds the record for most individual challenge wins in a row with six.