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Tribe Profile
Season Phillip Land
Namesake Name created by the tribe having no real meaning
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Grubs
██ Serat Serat
Tribe Status Merged with Serat Serat on
Day 17
Challenge Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member Amanda Zuckerman (15/18)
Highest Placing Member Shinzo Abe (Winner)

Bonan was one of the three original tribes from Survivor: Phillip Land. The tribe color was yellow.


S1 amanda t.pngS1 frollo t.pngS1 fegelein t.png
S1 kneesocks t.pngS1 shinzo t.pngS1 zelda t.png

Post-Grubs Dissolve[]

S1 frollo t.pngS1 frank t.pngS1 fegelein t.png
S1 ian t.pngS1 kneesocks t.pngS1 shinzo t.pngS1 zelda t.png

On Day 11, Bonan absorbed two of the four members remaining from the Grubs tribe.

  • Claude Frollo
  • Frank Eudy
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Ian Terry
  • Kneesocks Demon
  • Shinzo Abe
  • Princess Zelda


  • Bonan was the first yellow tribe in Survivor: Competitive Bash.
  • Bonan is currently the only tribe to produce two winners, as Kneesocks would go on to win All-Stars.
  • Bonan was the only starting tribe where the bottom two placing members of the tribe were not females.
  • Having lasted 10 days before attending tribal council, Bonan was the last tribe to visit tribal council.
  • Bonan had the most members at merge, having five of its original members and all seven of its post-dissolve members make it to merge.
  • Bonan was the only tribe in Survivor: Phillip Land to not produce a tied vote.