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Barbara Corcoran
S2 barbara.png
Contestant Profile
Birth Date March 10, 1949 (age 64)
Hometown New York, New York
Occupation Businesswoman

Grassy Knoll

Tribes ██ Belongatrasha
Placement 18/18
Alliances Femme Belonga
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 3

Barbara Corcoran is a contestant from Survivor: Grassy Knoll.

While on Belongatrasha, Barbara was a part of the female alliance Femme Belonga, along with Katie, Marie Antoinette, and Shantae. With there being five females on the tribe, Barbara was confident that they'd be in majority. However, Elizabeth was not willing to join the alliance, which the others on edge. During the immunity challenge, Barbara slowed her tribe down slightly, but slightly enough to lose. When Elizabeth told the men that a female alliance existed on the tribe, the four men were angered. They decided to set their sights on Barbara, the weakest member of the alliance. At tribal council, Barbara threw her vote to Loafers Dearest knowing Femme Belonga did not have the votes to get rid of Elizabeth, their initial target. Barbara would be the first person voted out by a 5-3-1 vote.

Survivor: Grassy Knoll[]

Voting History[]

Barbara's Voting History
Episode Barbara's
Voted Against
1 Loafers Elizabeth, Homestar, Lazlo,
Loafers, Michael
Voted Off, Day 3


  • Barbara was the first person voted out in Survivor: Grassy Knoll.
  • Barbara was the lowest ranking member of Femme Belonga.
  • Barbara, along with Elizabeth, are the only contestants in Grassy Knoll to not win a challenge.
  • When Barbara was voted out, Elizabeth was the only female to vote for her.